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When UPS or FedEx can’t make it up our 400′ driveway due to snow, they put our packages in plastic bags and tie them to a tree near the road.

Late Capitalism: A Black Friday Reading List

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Literary Hub has your Black Friday reading list. Among other things, they include DeLillo’s White Noise:

I shopped for its own sake, looking and touching, inspecting merchandise I had no intention of buying, then buying it . . . I filled myself out, found new aspects of myself, located a person I’d forgotten existed . . . The more money I spent, the less important it seemed . . . I felt expansive, inclined to be sweepingly generous, and told the kids to pick out their Christmas gifts here and now . . . Voices rose ten stories from the gardens and promenades, a roar that echoed and swirled through the vast gallery, mixing with noises from the tiers, with shuffling feet and chiming bells, the hum of escalators, the sound of people eating, the human buzz of some vivid and happy transaction.

[via Literary Hub]

20,000 Days on Earth

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Do you wanna know how to write a song? Songwriting is about counterpoint. Counterpoint is the key. Putting two disparate images beside each other and seeing which way the sparks fly. Like letting a small child in the same room as, I don’t know, a Mongolian psychopath or something… and just sitting back and seeing what happens.

Then you send in a clown, say, on a tricycle. And, again, you wait and you watch.

And if that doesn’t do it… you shoot the clown.