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Sacrilege in Helvetica Bold

Helvetica migraine

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The Art of Glitch

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Breaking All the Rules

Sometimes attributed to John Cage, but actually written by Sister Corita Kent, the 10 Rules are pretty much universal to student/teacher relationships.


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Interactive 3D Scores for Music

IanniX is a graphical sequencer, open source for Windows, Linux, and OS X. Works with MIDI devices, a range of controllers (including Kinect), and software (Ableton Live, MaxMSP, PD, Processing, and more). Cool.

Create Digital Music has an interesting review.


Design Writers

“Design writers are a dying breed because they operate in the two most unprofitable industries: Design and Writing.”

- Confessions of an Architect

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Shirky on Innovation & Workspaces

The second half of the video (about 14 minutes in) focuses specifically on the connections between creativity and workspaces.

Art of Title Design

Nice PBS short on the Art of TV and Movie Title Design.

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BBC Moebius Documentary

Damn. BBC removed the video last night.

xkcd on kerning

The Aesthetics of URLs

The Wall Street Journal stands firm against the tendency toward simple, readable URLs. Here’s an example, the URL to an article on the apparent Japanese obsession for appropriating, transforming, and then perfecting products from other locations (bomber jackets, sweatshirts, espresso):

It’s not just an article issue, though. Here’s how WSJ handles sections, in this case US Business News:

For comparison, here’s the URL to a post from my weblog, a picture of a creek near Fort Jackson, NY titled, unsurprisingly, “creek, fort jackson“:

And here’s a link to articles tagged “design“:

I guess it’s arguable whether URLs need to make sense to users. I think there’s not a good argument for¬†not making them cleaner and simpler given that the process of creating them can be automated.¬†Maybe that’s just me.

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